What my clients are saying...


I hired Linda at the recommendation of a trusted colleague who said she was the absolute best at establishing systems.  While I hired her to help me get my new business set up, I ended up having her help me with so much more. 

Linda was encouraging and enthusiastic giving me solutions to problems I wasn't aware that I had! For anyone looking for encouragement or answers in any business or personal journey, I highly recommend Linda.

Carolyn K, New York


I wish I had met Linda 3 years ago. My business was 10 years old, and I had the best clients. I trusted them. An old client reached out to me and, after doing really deep work, she started blaming me for her results. She hired an attorney, even had my bank accounts frozen. I lost access to my money for 4 months, lost the case, and had to pay huge attorney costs. It's taken me a few years to come back from that financial hardship. 

Linda made it easy for me to create all the different systems and protections I needed (and should have had). I have such peace of mind and that is priceless. Thank you, Linda, for helping me create the strong foundation that my business now stands on. I highly recommend Linda for your business.

Mary T, Oregon


It is so easy to work with Linda. She understands the frustration of starting a business and clearly outlined the steps we needed to do first. She also made this "hard" work I was dreading, more fun than I would have ever imagined. We worked at my speed, one step at a time, so I was no longer overwhelmed.

With my systems in place, I feel much more confident when I meet a potential client. I know what to do when they say Yes! I love the support I received and continue to receive from Linda. Having new clients that I would never have had without Linda is the best feeling!

Samantha B, California


I appreciate the practicality of your coaching style  along with the spiritual aspects. You’re not all woo-woo. You straight up get to the business end to get it done while looking at my life and business together. You help me see how I can enjoy the journey as well as the end results. I love that about you!

Brenda T, California