Empowering You in Business and Life

Your life and business are interwoven. Let's bring ease to it all!

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You are an Extraordinary Businesswoman!


Is This You?

You love working with your clients. It's easy for you, and you are passionate because it’s your genius zone. When you are in your flow, it's easy and you enjoy what how your clients shift and change in front of your eyes. You are creative, heart-centered, and mission driven.

And because your business is your life, the more ease in your business gives you more relief in the other areas of you life. So you enjoy life more.


Truth Bomb:

You just want to be there for your clients. You wish that you didn’t have to think about all that business stuff. So you ignore it or throw money at it and don’t get the results you hoped for.


And Is This You?

When you think about the legal, financial, taxes, business systems you “should” have, you feel confused, less confident, maybe even worried, and most likely stressed. You don’t know what you don’t know.

That is completely understandable.  No one teaches us the business side of what we do with passion.


Truth Bomb:

As women, we get "man-splained" to, patted on the head, and told not to worry; they'll take care of it when it comes to your business. Don't you hate it when that happens? I do! Let’s take control right now.


You could be making more money!

That is a bold statement I know, but hear me out.

When you don't feel confident that you have a straightforward and easy process to sign up a new client, have them pay you, sign a contract, schedule, receive your assessments, and follow-up, you live in a "messy house."

Think about it, when your house is messy, you don't invite people over. If someone knocks on the door, you may not answer. And if you let someone in, you spend your energy apologizing for the mess rather than just sitting down and enjoying their company.

When you don't have all the systems in place, you do this in your business. For example…

You don't invite potential clients to have sales conversations with you…

If you have a sales call, you're not confident in co-creating the close…

In the end, you don't make the sales and income that you deserve.

Let's clean up the “mess!"

Even if it is mostly okay, let's make it awesome! I want you to feel confident throwing open your door and inviting your clients in for a conversation.

Working together will help you find, save, and create more money and time in your business and life.


Truth Bomb:

You'll become a more educated consumer, as you'll know what questions to ask, when to ask them, what you can do-it-yourself, and when to bring in an attorney or other professionals.


What we can do together!


Be the B.O.S.S.

In this one hour Business Optimization Strategy Session, using a comprehensive business assessment, we will create your 7-point checklist. 

In it, we'll address your business's most pressing needs and create your roadmap to building your solid foundation. 

You'll step away feeling empowered knowing what your next steps are.


Empowering Your Business

From brainstorming to implementation, my passion is supporting you in creating the systems and structures you need so you can stay focused on your genius zone.

You don't have to feel alone , I'm here to help. In our conversation, we will dive deep to find out what you need right now and create your custom game plan.

Have more Questions?

Not sure what's next in building your business?

Jump on my calendar and let’s chat for 30 minutes. 


I wish I had met Linda 3 years ago. My business was 10 years old, and I had the best clients. I trusted them. An old client reached out to me and, after doing really deep work, she started blaming me for her results. She hired an attorney, even had my bank accounts frozen. I lost access to my money for 4 months, lost the case, and had to pay huge attorney costs. It's taken me a few years to come back from that financial hardship. 

Linda made it easy for me to create all the different systems and protections I needed (and should have had). I have such peace of mind and that is priceless. Thank you, Linda, for helping me create the strong foundation that my business now stands on. I highly recommend Linda for your business.

Mary T, Oregon

What are the business foundations?

No one teaches us the business side of our business. I've mentioned "business foundations" and "business systems," but what does it all mean? 

Working together, we tidy up your house while we build your business a strong foundation. A strong foundation does two things: 

1. It helps your business hold firm in the face of any legal or financial problems that a client tries to bring to you. It comprises legal (think LLC vs. sole proprietor, contracts, intellectual property) and financial (insurance, accounting, taxes).  

2. It allows you to show up professionally to your clients with systems that automate and create an easy flow. It includes things like scheduling, communicating, updating or creating your website, and connecting with current and potential clients in the easiest way possible. 

We'll put these systems into place to allow you to bring in new clients more efficiently. Right now, it can feel overwhelming, but I help you one step at a time so you will never feel left in the dark and stressed out again. 


Truth Bomb:

Now all of that sounds like, “blah, blah, blah.” You’re right. It is boring and your eyes may have glazed over, but it is essential for your business. That’s OK. I take the “blah, blah” out of it and make it fun. Really I do!


How can business foundations be fun?

I am going to speak my truth: I love business systems. Yes, I said it. But do you want to know what my true passion is?

It is helping other women business owners succeed. Having solid business foundations empowers you to work on your business, not just in it. This is my thing and what I do best.

I believe every successful business must have them in place. I love making it as easy and as straightforward as it can be so that you stop ignoring it and putting yourself at risk, and making your business life harder than it has to be.

By bringing my passion and enjoyment into your business, we can make it soar together.

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About Me

I love collaborating with you in the creation of the back-end of your business, combining both heart and mind, bringing accountability, fun, empowerment, partnership, and inspiration.

After getting a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a major in finance, I spent the past 20+ years in sales, marketing, and finance, where I developed and managed systems and process improvements for global companies such as Expedia.

In 2017, I made the jump into entrepreneurship, founding my company to empower women business owners to succeed. Like you, I'm a small business owner. I've been through starting a business, and since 2017, I have helped hundreds of women business owners take control of their business processes.

I love what I do. Let me help you get back to focusing on what you love!



How do I work with you?


Comprehensive Business Assessment

Implementation Planning

A Holistic Approach


Expert Guidance and Heavy Lifting Done For You