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Website Audit

Is your website working for or against you?

​I love finding ways to enhance your business so you make more money and your website is a great place to start. 

Your website is your business card. You have to have one nowadays, and we want it to work for you as a showcase of your talents and abilities. In reality, people want to know you are legitimate, what you offer, have an easy way to connect with you, and see your testimonials. 

90% of all websites I review have broken links, critical missing information, or changes that would improve readability and flow for the client. It is always easier for someone who has not built the site to see areas of improvement or even simple issues that take away your professionalism with your clients. The best design doesn’t help if it is not functioning correctly.

I will review your website, and share what is amazing and what I see could be improved. You will receive a comprehensive email and video with clear action items within 3 business days.

Then we will have a 30-minute review call to answer any questions you have about the recommendations. 

Simply choose your time and date below to schedule the 30-min follow-up call. The Website Audit form will be immediately available for you to fill out. Please complete as soon as possible so that we can have a powerful call.