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Be the B.O.S.S.

It's hard to know what your business is missing without guidance.

In this 90-minute Business Audit aka the B.O.S.S (Business Optimization Strategy Session), using a comprehensive business assessment, we'll create your roadmap. 

In it, we'll address your business's most pressing needs for Legal, Insurance, Financial, Taxes, and back-office Systems and create your step-by-step path to building your solid foundation. 


I will also review your website and give you feedback.
You'll step away feeling calm and confident knowing exactly what your next steps are.


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Client Experience

It is so easy to work with Linda.

She understands the frustration of starting a business and clearly outlined the steps I needed to do first.

I did the steps I felt comfortable with and hired Linda to help me with the rest.

She made this "hard" work that I was dreading, more fun than I would have ever imagined. We worked at my speed, one step at a time, so I was no longer overwhelmed.

I love the support I received and continue to receive from Linda.

Having new clients that I would never have had without Linda is the best feeling!

Samantha B., California

I hired Linda at the recommendation of a trusted colleague who said she was the absolute best at establishing systems.  While I hired her to help me get my new business set up, I ended up having her help me with so much more. 
Linda was encouraging and enthusiastic giving me solutions to problems I wasn't aware that I had! 
For anyone looking for encouragement or answers in any business or personal journey, I highly recommend Linda.

Carolyn K, New York

I appreciate the practicality of your coaching style along with the spiritual aspects. You’re not all woo-woo. You straight up get to the business end to get it done while looking at my life and business together. You helped me see how I can enjoy the journey as well as the end results. I love that about you!

Brenda T, California

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